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IGM (In Glass Laser Marker)

System Division, Glass Laser Marker
System Features
¤ıZero surface fault by inside glass marking
¤ıMinimum marking character : 10§­
¤ıMarking Position Accuracy : ¡¾5§­
¤ıMarking position measurement and quality review are possible after marking
¤ıIn-line automatic system
Glass Etcher
This system has been used for several years in Nova Tech and proved its production capability and reliability.
System Feature
¤ıProcessing Glass Size : 100*100 ~ 730*920 mm
¤ıChemical Etching Type
¤ıDipping & Batch
¤ıEtch Rate : Configurable
¤ıAccuracy : ¡Â 5%
¤ıTaper(Slope) Width : ¡Â 45¡Æ
Color Scope
System Division, Glass Laser Marker
System Feature
¤ıProducts to be Measured: BLU, PDP, TFT-LCD, OLED
¤ıMeasurement Items : Color Spectrum Curve, Brightness, Chromaticity, Color Temperature, Display Consistency, Response Time, Flicker, Sight Angle, Color Movement
¤ıApplicable Areas: Display R&D, Quality Test in the Production Line
3D and Visual Analysis System for the Optical Characteristics of Emitting Surface
System Division, Glass Laser Marker
Brightness & Accuracy 0.01 cd/m2 - 100,000 cd/m2 , ¡¾3 %
Repeated Accuracy ¡¾0.5 %
Chromaticity Accuracy ¡¾0.005 (x-, y-value by CIE 1931, u¡¯-, v¡¯-value by CIE 1976)
Spectrum Wavelength 380 ~ 760nm ( Resolution 0.6 nm )
Test Time Less than 0.2 sec (Brightness ) 3 ~ 20 sec (Brightness, Chromaticity )
Response Time & Accuracy Less than 0.5sec ( Resolution 60us ), ¡¾3 %
Flicker Accuracy ¡¾1Hz (Resolution 60us )
Applicable Areas BLU, CRT, OLED, LCD, PDP
Light Measurement Spectrum, Brightness, Chromaticity, Consistency, Color Temperature, Filter and Liquid Transmissivity
Display Property Measurement Response Time, Flicker, Sight Angle, Color Movement, Noise, Brightness Contrast, Gamma Value
Surface Size for Measurement From a height of 1200mm, 400mm x 300mm (20 inch) . For other sizes, samples should be separately produced
Dimension & Weight Head:160mmx195mmx390mm, 7 kg Stand:80x40mmx1200mm, 15 kg
Vision Tester
-BLU Test-  
System Division, Glass Laser Marker
System Division, Glass Laser Marker System Division, Glass Laser Marker System Division, Glass Laser Marker
Test for Alien Materials Dust/Black Spot/White Spot Test Scratch Test
-CMOS Image Sensor Test
System Division, Glass Laser Marker System Division, Glass Laser Marker
System Feature
¤ıTest for alien materials, scratches, defective pixels    and RGB characteristic faults
¤ıMeasurement of the size and location of faults
¤ıLenz Auto Focusing
¤ıImage magnification
¤ıOpen/Short property test
¤ıUPH 700 (For mobile BLU)
¤ıIn-line automatic test
¤ıApplicable for customized tests
Scribing & Surface Treating System for TSP
Items Spec.
Tack Time 40 sec
Table Evenness 50 §­
Table Pin Method
Wheel Materials Diamond Alloy
Wheel Diameter ¥Õ 100
Wheel Angle inside 44¢ª
Wheel Groove Number 6 ea
Wheel RPM 20,000
Wheel Circle Device Spindle Motor
Wheel Running Speed 500mm/sec
Wheel Running Device Linear Servo
Align Tolerance ¡¾3 §­
Glass Un-loader Materials UHMW
The Auto thickness measuring device for FPD(without contact)
1) Proper Interface for industrial device & Various Function
Pursuing both easy and delicate design simultaneously
by applying design method purposed for user convenience
3) Making work easy & comfortable by the simple Interface
4) Realizing combined display by using 2D Matrix Device &
Serial(RS-232) communication
5) Outside one touch switch system by using auto
measuring method.
6) Easy to set up initial system by User.

Items Spec.
Processor Pentium ¥¶ 1.2MHz or Higher
Memory 256 MB
Hard disk 60 GB or Higher
Monitor Resolution 1024x768 or larger
OS Windows 2000(recommended)
Windows XP
USB/Serial USB 2.0 / PC including Serial Port